My work can be found in Educational Researcher, Teachers College Record, Urban EducationThe Urban Review, and other venues.

I commonly attend and present at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), but I am always looking for new spaces to learn from colleagues, share work, and collaborate.

Please see below for select peer-reviewed publications and download my cv for a more complete listing (including book chapters, other writing, and presentations).

Select Peer-Reviewed Publications 

Pavlakis, A.E. (2019).  Snack gaps, doubling up, and revolving doors: Educational        leadership practices in a changing suburb. International Journal of Leadership in          Education (IJLE).

Pavlakis, A.E. (2018). Poverty and student homelessness in a growing suburb: Sensemaking among school and community leaders. Teachers College Record. 120(11), 1-58.

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Pavlakis, A.E. (2017). Gaining access and building rapport in case studies: Working with families,  schools, and communities in the context of homelessness. SAGE Research Methods Cases. 10.4135/9781526423597

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